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Office & Admin

Mrs. Kelly Apruzzi, Principal

Ms. Trudy Shields, Administrative Associate

Mrs. Elena Farina, Administrative Associate



Mrs. Michele Danyi - Special Education

Mrs. Lori Dech - RtII Specialist

Mrs. LouAnn Fehr - Reading Specialist

Ms. Melissa Gilmore - Special Education

Mr. Josh Gridley - Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Jennie Jacobi - School Nurse

Miss Shawn-Kimberly Kocher - Technology Specialist

Mr. Alton Mann - Gifted 

Mrs. Michelle Marchese - School Psychologist

Mrs. Michele Micek - ESL

Mrs. Jamie Miller - Behavior Specialist

Mrs. Belinda Monek - Data Specialist

Ms. Marissa Pulcini - Speech Therapist

First Grade


Second Grade

Ms. Christina Brodt - Associate Nurse

Mrs. Leanne Drosnock

Ms. Kim Hahr - IU 20 Associate Teacher - Autistic Support

Ms. Dawn Halasnik

Ms. Nicole Jones - IU 20 Associate Teacher - Autistic Support

Mrs. Meghan Jordan - Library Associate

Ms. Rosalie Keenhold - IU 20 Associate Teacher - Physical Support

Ms. Kelly McNamee - IU 20 Associate Teacher - Autistic Support

Ms. Megan Lane

Ms. Gwenn Miller

Ms. Lisa Paccio

Crystal Mulada - IU 20 Associate Teacher - Physical Support

Ms. Kelly Sarnowski, IU 20 - Head Teacher - Physical Support

Ms. Melissa Wales - IU 20 Head Teacher -  Autistic Support

Ms. Tracy Walker

Ms. Jennifer Wolf

Third Grade

Mrs. Callie Donaldson - Art

Mr. Jon Lock - Physical Education

Mrs. Cindy Rizzolino - Library

Mrs. Michelle Ruhf - Music

Support Staff

Ms. Kat Bennicas - Custodian

Mr. Joe Emanuel - Head Custodian

Mr. Rich Garr - Cafeteria Custodian

Mrs. Michelle Giodano - Lunch Monitor

Ms. Emilie Goffredo - Cafeteria Staff

Mr. Jimmy Johnson - Custodian

Mr. Joel Kemmerer - Custodian

Ms. Denise Nagy - Cafeteria Staff - Head Cook

Ms. Cyndi Schaeffer - Custodian

TBD - Building Sub

Ms. Wendy Shiffert - Lunch Monitor

Ms. Julie Wirth - Cafeteria Cashier

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