Click on the teacher's name to email.  Click on the Schoology symbol at the bottom to access the teacher's schoology site.  Parents and students log into Schoology through different websites.  Click on the grade's title to access a page for each grade.

Office & Admin

Mrs. Kelly Apruzzi, Principal

Ms. Trudy Shields, Administrative Associate

Mrs. Elena Farina, Administrative Associate



Mrs. Phyllis Amrick - School Nurse

Mrs. Michele Danyi - Special Education

Mrs. Lori Dech - RtII Specialist

Mrs. LouAnn Fehr - Reading Specialist

Ms. Melissa Gilmore - Special Education

Mr. Josh Gridley - Guidance Counselor

Miss Shawn-Kimberly Kocher - Technology Specialist

Mr. Alton Mann - Gifted 

Mrs. Michelle Marchese - School Psychologist

Mrs. Michele Micek - ESL

Mrs. Jamie Miller - Behavior Specialist

Mrs. Belinda Monek - Data Specialist

Ms. Marissa Pulcini - Speech Therapist

First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Mrs. Callie Donaldson - Art

Mr. Jon Lock - Physical Education

Mrs. Cindy Rizzolino - Library

Mrs. Michelle Ruhf - Music

Student Schoology Login
Schoology Parent Login

Click on the logos, to login to your teacher's schoology website.


Student Login:

Student will be directed from the above link to go through their Google account.  First time logging into Schoology on each device, student needs to put in their Email which is so if their number is 123456 their email would be  Their password is the password they use at school which was randomly selected for them.  Look here for step-by-step directions.


Parent Login:

    Username: Email used to register

    Password: Password created at registration

*Parent link above takes you to which is a different site than student's site.


Ms. Christina Brodt - Associate Nurse

Mrs. Leanne Drosnock

Ms. Kim Hahr - IU 20 Associate Teacher - Autistic Support

Ms. Dawn Halasnik

Ms. Nicole Jones - IU 20 Associate Teacher - Autistic Support

Mrs. Meghan Jordan - Library Associate

Ms. Rosalie Keenhold - IU 20 Associate Teacher - Physical Support

Ms. Kelly McNamee - IU 20 Associate Teacher - Autistic Support

Ms. Gwenn Miller

Ms. Lisa Paccio

Crystal Mulada - IU 20 Associate Teacher - Physical Support

Ms. Kelly Sarnowski, IU 20 - Head Teacher - Physical Support

Ms. Melissa Wales - IU 20 Head Teacher -  Autistic Support

Ms. Tracy Walker

Ms. Jennifer Wolf

Support Staff

Ms. Kat Bennicas - Custodian

Mr. Joe Emanuel - Head Custodian

Mr. Rich Garr - Cafeteria Custodian

Ms. Michelle Giordano - Lunch Monitor

Ms. Emilie Goffredo - Cafeteria Staff

Mr. Jimmy Johnson - Custodian

Mr. Joel Kemmerer - Custodian

Ms. Denise Nagy - Cafeteria Staff - Head Cook

Ms. Cyndi Schaeffer - Custodian

TBD - Building Sub

Ms. Wendy Shiffert - Lunch Monitor

Ms. Julie Wirth - Cafeteria Cashier

Click the PowerSchool button above to check grades and attendance for your student.


If you ever misplace your PowerSchool or Schoology codes, please come to the main office with a driver license or picture ID to receive your information. If you can't make it during school hours please Email Shawn at  Please include the building your child(ren) are in.


If you need technical assistance with either Schoology or Powerschool, please Email Miss Kocher.

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